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Image by Daria Nepriakhina


  1. Our service is focused on proofreading and editing of documents, including essays, reports, scholarship applications, cover letters & resumes.​

  2. Please include your email in your submission documents

  3. You are able to:

    • submit a maximum of 2 documents for review every week with a total weekly limit of 5 pages to be reviewed.

    • The file should be in docx. format. We will be using track changes to indicate our corrections.

  4. While our team will try their best to guide you towards improvement, please note that this service is not a substitute for professional writing centers offered in educational institutions.​

  5. This is a safe online community where we reserve the right to refuse to provide a service to any user who does not uphold the values of the foundation.

Tip: Submit your work 2-3 days (minimum) prior to your deadlines


Your content has been submitted. You will hear from us shortly !

Please include your email address in the submissions !

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