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We are currently recruiting for volunteers to be on the team as reviewer for the foundation ! 

Volunteer Reviewer

We are looking for volunteer reviewers for the Written Support Ecrit SB Foundation that can provide comprehensive, genuine reviews of written work of individuals across the globe. Written work includes: Academic submissions, resume/cover letter drafts, and scholarship applications. The volunteer reviewer’s responsibilities include comprehensive reading, editing, and reviewing user submissions. The volunteer reviewer is able to commit at least 1-3 hours per week (hours may fluctuate). To be a successful volunteer reviewer, you should have good verbal and written communication, and  proficiency in editing using diverse software (via microsoft word, google doc, etc). You should have a high interest in community involvement.

Who are you?

  • Degree or diploma from a university or college

  • Experience working in teams through community or professional setting

  • Requires reliable access to a personal computer and internet

  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation communication abilities

Your contribution:

  • Read and review written work as required based on our target audiences’ need 

  • Work with Communications officer to develop and follow a communication strategy between reviewers and users 

  • If interested, help determine topics to address for the ‘blog section’ with the Communications officer and publish blog materials

  • Able to give at least 1-3 hours per week to participate as a volunteer reviewer. The hours may fluctuate

Meet The Team


Disha Bisto

Founder & Executive Officer 

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Disha Bisto was born and raised in Mauritius. She moved to New Brunswick to actively engage in personal and professional growth. She obtained a BSc. in Chemical Engineering, during which she was involved in activities to promote environmental sustainability and inclusivity.


Disha is an optimist who is interested in multidisciplinary problem-solving and innovation. She enjoys a systematic approach of looking at challenges, to define sustainable solutions.

As an international student, she was exposed to the challenges that written and spoken communication barriers can create, especially in terms of academic and professional progress. During her academic journey, her friends and colleagues would frequently review each other’s written documents. This represented a safe community of caring, reliable and objective people who happily engaged in boosting the progress of others. Consequently, she decided to create this foundation in hopes to mirror this safe community, reachable across borders, where qualified volunteers can help individuals in their personal and professional journeys.



Duong (Hillary) Nguyen

Creative Consultant

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Hillary Nguyen is originally from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. She moved with her family to Fredericton, New Brunswick in 2011. She has graduated from college in 2017 with a Foundation of Visual Arts Certificate as well as a Bachelor of Applied Arts.


Throughout her life, Hillary has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Naturally, she was drawn to photography and visual arts. The interest was cultivated during her last year of high school and further developed when she opted to take her Graphic Design course at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. 

Giving back and volunteering is a significant part of her personal values which she has been always trying to work on constantly as part of her self-development, and she is very delighted to see the Written Support Ecrit SB Foundation values education and inclusion and goes above and beyond to support learners, especially youth. She is well-equipped to fulfill the requirements and duties of the position as a Creative Consultant, knowing that she is helping to make a difference in the community through her work here.


Alpha Behera

Development Officer

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Alpha was born and brought up in India. She completed a BTech in Electrical Engineering in India, an MSc. in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire in UK, an MEng in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of New Brunswick in Canada. She is the co-founder, VP and Chief Technology Officer of Pique Analytics Inc. Her expertise is in the Clean Energy and Smart grid Technologies. 


While travelling and studying in India, UK and Canada, where official language is English, she came across different styles and adaptation of the English language . She also found significant differences in the format of assignments, resume, cover letter..., She felt alone in her initial adaptation struggles while trying to meet the academic demand. By joining and supporting this foundation’s development, Alpha wants to make sure everyone who is going through similar situation  or need similar assistance, will have a safe and reliable community to help them.


Alpha is an adventurer and explorer who loves to socialize, travel and be exposed to different cultures. She likes to hike, do yoga, attend Zumba classes, read fiction & supernatural story books or comics in her free time. 


Angelina Addae

Research Lead

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Angelina Addae was born and raised in Ghana.

She completed a bachelor’s degree in
economics in Ghana and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Saskatchewan
in Canada during which she was engaging in research with Saskatchewan Health Authority
She is the research-lead and also currently works full-time as a health economics research associate at Cytel Inc., Canada.

Throughout her academic journey, Angelina has been able to work on various research projects
that has increased her understanding of how adequately following the research process can be
beneficial to individuals, organizations, and agencies. The impact of effective research on
community members immensely fulfills her. She thus challenges herself to identify new research
objectives and help provide solutions.


Angelina wants to give back to society through extensive qualitative and quantitative research. Volunteering through research will not only provide self-fulfillment but most importantly encourage other young international students to potentially use
their skills to serve however way they can.
In her free time, She really likes to watch movies, read novels, visit the gym and explore the city.

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Simran Kaur 

Research Lead

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Simran Kaur was born and raised in Milan, Italy. She moved with her family to Canada in 2014.Simran is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry at the University of British Columbia.


She has worked as an Early Learning Assistant at Kumon, where she engaged with students from pre-K to Grade 6, all from diverse backgrounds. Some of the students she assisted were newcomers to Canada, and they struggled with English. Simran ensured to aid them to the best of her ability because she too struggled with English when she first moved to Canada, so she related to them.


Simran gives extreme importance to education as she believes that not only it shapes the future of an individual, but also the destiny of humanity. She is a firm believer that education should be equally accessible to everyone, which is why she chose to join Written Support Ecrit SB Foundation. In her spare time, Simran volunteers at a local food bank and the Red Canadian Cross as a Client Services Volunteer in the Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP). 

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